The Transplantation Society Annual Congress – TTS2020


António Gonçalves, our partner and CTO, has participated as a speaker in a TTS2020 session promoted by DTI Foundation, dedicated to technological developments in healthcare.

The session objective was to offer the transplant community an up-to-date vision on how new technologies may assist their daily work regarding the deceased organ donation and transplantation process.

What is TTS2020 ?

TTS2020 is a bi-annual event, organized by The Transplantation Society (TTS), non-profit NGO that encompasses all the disciplines in the field of transplantation.

This year, TTS hosted its first Virtual Congress from September 13-16, 2020.

More than 3,000 scientists, researchers, and physicians representing over 130 countries attended from their homes and workspaces globally. Presentations covered basic, translational, and clinical research, ethics, and emerging and disruptive technologies.

Session Topics and Speakers

Session chairman: Estephan Arredondo, DTI Foundation

Session topics:

1.    Telemedicine

Jordi Colomer, DTI Foundation advisor (Spain)

Estephan Arredondo, Director of Tissues and Cells Unit at DTI Foundation (Spain)

2.    Robotics

Mireia Musquera, Urology Department, Hospital Clinic de Barcelona (Spain)

Jorgina Díaz, Director of Digital Business Development, Alysis (Spain)

Marián Irazábal, International Project Coordinator DTI Foundation (Spain)

Carles Ferrando, Intensive Care Medicine, Hospital Clinic de Barcelona (Spain)

3.    Management software

John Piano, Chief Executive Officer, Transplant Connect (USA)

 Antonio Gonçalves, Chief Technology Manager, JamHUB Solutions (Portugal)

Margarida Ivo, National Transplant Coordinator, Instituto Português de Sangue e da Transplantação (Portugal)

Elsayed  Gadalla, Medical Coordinator at Saudi Center Organ Transplantation  (KSA)

4.    Database & Artificial Intelligence

Sergio Monteagudo, Lead IT Consultant, Biomedical Research Clinic  Foundation (Spain)

Haibo Wang, Director, China Organ Transplant Response System (China)

5.    Normothermic perfusion machines

Pedro Moreo, General Director, EBERS (Spain)

Víctor Alastrué, Technical Director, EBERS Spain)

Feng Huo, Director Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery and Liver Transplantation Center, General Hospital of Southern Theater Command (China)

Our contribution to the TTS2020: TransplantHUB®

In the management software topic, António focused on TransplantHUB® key features, namely

  • The automation and seamless integration of the donation and transplantation processes from end-to-end in a unique platform, from donor detection to patient follow-up, including biovigilance and traceability;
  •  The use of artificial intelligence (AI) to maximize and optimize organ donation and matching;
  • The inclusion of the European donation and transplantation model, as well as worldwide best practices.

Our presentation was followed by the Portuguese National Donation and Transplantation Coordinator, Margarida Ivo, that focused on the Portuguese Institute of Blood and Transplantation – IPST experience, which has been using our application since 2016, explaining the key benefits Portugal has obtained so far, and what we are planning to do, together, in the near future.

How can may we help?

We are prepared to support healthcare efforts, around the world, public or private, with TransplantHUB®, our software to manage the donation and transplantation workflows. Its management support, process reach and simplification, robustness, integration capabilities, and flexibility will provide a secure basis to ensure countries the confidence to scale their operations.

To find out more how we, at TransplantHUB®, can help, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to arrange a meeting and demonstrate it further.

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