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Solid organ transplants are the last hope for several health problems, but their scarcity is a challenge. Every year millions of people benefit from a transplant and many more dies or continue to wait in extensive waiting lists.

Finding solutions to manage such a delicate process is a challenge that countries governments and healthcare institutions have been tackling for decades.

The moto is “Act well. Do it fast!” Sensitive personal information must be collected and shared between distinct medical teams, often dispersed in several healthcare institutions; teams must be coordinated, life threatening decisions must be taken and precious data must be collected to ensure a steady evolution of processes, and of course science!




… the solid organ transplantation management software you need to effectively manage your solid organ donation and transplantation program

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What’s TransplantHUB diference?

Full Process Coverage

5 solid organs

Any organisational model

Artificial Intelligence

Open Technology

Rich Functionalities

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Full Process Coverage

TransplantHUB is a highly configurable application designed to support both donation and transplantation work streams:
  • TransplantHUB allows medical staff to manage the donation process, from a possible donor
    signaling, to its evaluation, organ offer, patient/donor match, organ allocation, procurement and transportation
  • … while, simultaneously managing the patient workflow, from its initial referral, waiting list registration, selection, match, transplant and post transplant follow-up.

Processes will be simplified. Information will not be lost. Only necessary data is shared with the relevant staff members, thus eliminating the communication of critical data through other channels (fax, paper, telephone, mobile phone).

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5 Solid Organs

TransplantHUB is an integrated system that supports the donation and transplantation process (adults or pediatric) for 5 solid organs,  including single and multiple transplants: 

  • Lungs
  • Heart
  • Pancreas
  • Kidney
  • Liver

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Any Organizational Model

TransplantHUB is highly configurable, to meet any organizational model needs.

It was designed to support organization models of all types, from the smallest transplantation or donation center, to a network of hospitals, a country or a group of countries with a common donation and transplantation program.

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Artificial Intelligence

TransplantHUB takes advantage of the most advanced technologies to support your medical staff.

Our software uses AI (artificial Intelligence), namely NLP (Natural Language Processing) and ML (Machine Learning), to support your medical staff decision making and activities, simplifying processes and optimising scarce resources allocation, ultimately helping saving more lives.

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Open Technology

TransplantHUB interfaces with other systems to reduce manual data entry and improve data accuracy.

The ability to integrate with other systems is relevant in the effort to minimize your team workload. Our solid organ transplantation management software integrates with EMR and other systems using HL7, web services and other integration approaches, thus reducing manual data entry or data sharing using other means as e-mail, SMS’s, phone calls and faxes.

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Rich Functionalities

Clinical Data

TransplantHUB’s single database contais all the required information about patients and donors, including:

Donors / Patients clinical history (EMR), and other critical information as lab tests (clinical analysis, genetic matching, serology), medical exams, blood transfusions, therapy technics required, maintenance therapies and clinical data registration (ex: aortic clamp, schema times,…), …

Best candidate selection support: waiting lists, genetic matching, HLA, MELD, PELD, lab results

Transplant: surgical events record (used surgical technics, transplantation movie, events,...)

Post-transplant appointments registration, bio monitoring record, daily post-transplant critical clinical variables follow-up,...

Data Management

All the information your teams need is available in TransplantHUB, sectioned by profile, so that each professional has access exactly to the information he/she needs.

Notifications and alarms

TransplantHUB contains a powerful notifications module that will ensure your team is notified of key events, supporting faster and more efficient processes.


TransplantHUB dashboards by profile will show each element of your team the information he/she needs to complete all their tasks, every day.

Coordination of the logistical procedures

TransplantHUB helps your team to efficiently coordinate all the activities required for organs donation and transplantation, including teams management - collection team allocation, transplantation team allocation, surgical room reservation, - organ transportation, …

Reporting and Analysis

With TransplantHUB all your donation and transplantation program information is stored in a single database. From referral information to lab results, operating room notes, or follow-up information all are available for analytical and reporting purposes.



Your patients
need it!
Your professionals want it.

Your staff will be able to focus in what matters – your PATIENTS !

  • Made to facilitate healthcare professional’s life … with the knowledge acquired with experts.
  • Includes functionalities specifically designed for the distinct intervenients: ER Medical Doctors, Speciality Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, Donation Coordinators, Lab specialist, etc.
  • Ensures faster and more efficient processes, with a lower margin error.

matches for life


TransplantHUB, matches for life.


TransplantHUB, provides healthcare institutions an integrated environment to manage all the events in an organ transplant scenario

  • It includes all donation and transplantation workflows;
  • Provides health professionals the information they need to support medical decisions;
  • Ensures the required activity coordination between clinical staff;
  • Simplifies communication between clinicians and their patients.

Promotes Efficiency & Transparency

TransplantHUB automates the donation and transplantation workflow. Ensures patients and donors data is accessible in real time. Helps to ensure your processes are followed by all staff members. Enforces team’s coordination automating communication. All this matters! Specially when the life of a patient may depend on how fast a complex procedure is completed.

Maximises Organs Donation and Matching

TransplantHUB includes highly configurable algorithms that will support both your donation and transplantation medical staff in their demanding job of identifying, matching and transplanting organs to save your patient lives. It helps your staff identifying potential donors and building allocation shortlists, based on your country specific criteria and guidelines.

Supports Research & Best Practices

Data is collected in every step of the process for both recipients and donors (where applicable): referral, consults, lab, operating room (harvest and transplant) and follow-up information. This allows you to monitor your processes and its results, thus identify and disseminate Best Practices. It also provides information, for future reference and research purposes.

Ensures GDPR Compliance

TransplantHUB is by design & by default compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation, a highly demanding Data Protection Regulation. We have designed it to ensure your patients are focused in what really matters, their health, while being sure that their information is protected.


matches for life

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