Privacy Policy

JamHUB Solutions is committed to protecting your privacy, thereby ensuring that you can continue to trust your personal information.

Whenever you interact with us, you may share personal information that allows us to identify you as an individual (e.g. name, email, address, telephone number).

1. Extent and acceptance of our Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the personal data we collect in order to offer you our products and services.

Whenever you use this site and provide us with your personal data, you are accepting the terms of this Privacy Policy.

If you do not accept them we kindly ask you neither to use this site, nor to give us any personal data.

JamHUB reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time.

We invite you to consult this Privacy Policy on a regular basis, so that you are aware of any changes, as well as how your personal data is used.

2. Data Collected by JamHUB

JamHUB may collect your data in different ways:

  • Electronic and online interactions with JamHUB through this website, mobile apps, text messaging programmes, aplications in third party social netwoks (ex: Linkedin)
  • Offline interactions with JamHUB through direct marketing campaigns, printed registration coupons and contact through our customer support
  • Data directly supplied by the user

The data you provide to us with your consent for a specific purpose includes:

  • Personal contact information. Information that allows JamHUB to contact you (e.g. name, address, email address or telephone number)
  • Demographic information, including your work location (e.g. postal code, city, country and geo-location)
  • Data collected during your interaction with JamHUB sites

We use cookies and other detection technologies to collect certain types of information during your interaction with JamHub websites. Please see our Cookie Policy.

3. Reasons for JamHUB to collect personal data, and their purpose

JamHUB collects and uses personal data within the limits of what is strictly necessary for the purposes for which it is intended.

JamHub may use this personal data for some or all of the following purposes:

  • Account Maintenance – creating and maintaining your account with us, as well as administering any customer retribution and/or loyalty programs associated with your account.
  • Customer service – providing customer service, including answering your questions, complaints and other feedback about our products and services. Customer service can be provided through various communication channels, including email, letters, telephone and online chat (if available).
  • Customer engagement – allows you to engage more actively with our products and services. It may involve the use or publication of content generated by our customers.
  • Products and Services – improving JamHub’s products and services, adapting them to the needs of the user/customer and creating new ideas for products and services.
  • Interest-based advertising ONLY WITH YOUR CONSENT – allowing us to serve you ads tailored to your interests.
  • Marketing communications ONLY WITH YOUR CONSENT – providing you with marketing communications, including information about JamHub’s products and services and promotions.

4. Sharing of personal data by JamHUB

JamHub does not share your personal data with any third parties who intend to use it for direct marketing purposes, other than with your full consent.

5. Your Rights

  • Right to cancel marketing communications (Right to be Forgotten)

You may exercise your right to cancel marketing communications about JamHUB by contacting us.

  • Access and rectification

You have the legal right to request access to your personal data by sending us a request.

If JamHUB is unable to provide you direct access to your personal data for any technical reasons, we will always consider alternative means of access.

You have the right to ask JamHUB to correct any inaccuracies in your personal data.

6. Data Security and Retention

  • Data Security

In order to keep your personal data safe, JamHUB has implemented a list of security measures in accordance with the current data protection law such as:

  • Secure operating environments – JamHub stores your data in secure operating environments, only accessible to those responsible for their operation.
  • Data encryption – JamHub uses high quality encryption to protect sensitive personal data (e.g. access passwords).
  • Authentication before accessing the account – JamHUB requires its registered users to demonstrate their identity (ex: using their login ID and password) before acessing or modifying your account.
  • Retention

JamHub will retain your personal data only as long as necessary for the purpose in question, also taking into account our need to answer questions or solve problems, offer new and improved services, and meet the appropriate legal requirements.

This means that we may retain your personal data for a reasonable period of time after your last interaction with us.

As soon as personal data is no longer required for the purposes described above, it will be destroyed or deleted in a secure manner.

7. Contact Us

JamHub acts as the responsible person of the personal data it processes in the context of this Privacy Notice.

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Notice or JamHub’s data collection practices, please contact us at: